Heart Attacks Linked to Testosterone Supplement

Male heart-attack victims seek help faster if marriedMy late husband was taking a Testosterone supplement before he died, and I did not really make any connection at first. I was too overwhelmed with grief, to really worry about assigning blame for the incident. I wish that he was still alive, because he really completed me. Anyway, as time has passed, I have thought about it more, and I think there might have been a connection. I have heard of a testosterone lawsuit that has been started, and I guess that it is a class action lawsuit. I do not know how many people are a part of the suit at this point in time, but that is something that I want to find out.

I think there is more of a chance of there actually being a settlement with the pharmaceutical company, if there are a lot of people who have had problems with this drug. At the same time, I feel selfish in hoping that there have had a lot of people who have experienced problems. Because the death of my husband has really caused problems in my family. I do not want to dwell on the death too much, but it is hard to deal with this matter, and not think about it, since they are so closely related.

My husband died of a heart attack, and I do think that it could have been caused by the supplement that he was taking for his lowered amounts of Testosterone. I tried to get him to change his mind about starting the supplement in the first place, because I told him that I did not care about his hormone levels, and that it did not make him less of a man, or anything like that. I wish he had listened to me, but he did not.