We Bought a Gas Station

My husband and I had been talking for a couple of years about striking out on our own as far as work is concerned. We were both working for companies where we were just a number. While we were making great money, neither of us felt that we had job security. That is why we decided to try our hand at our own business when the opportunity came up to buy a large gas station that also is a convenience store and car wash in our town. The person selling it told us about QSR appraisal and after reading about their services, we knew that they were the company that we wanted to go with to see if this was something we could turn into a reality. Continue reading

Started to Check out Back Up Options

I am not sure what is the correct phrase for it, but I have started to think about how to get the best option to back up my computers at the office. It seems from my research that I probably need to be looking at the Cloud storage reviews and figuring out if that is the proper category of system for me to be using. Of course I know a little about this sort o software and I have this friend who uses it in his Gaming life. He has a bunch of games which he uses on the cloud, somehow or another this is supposed to eliminate the lag that you often see. It it the theory at least. Of course you see this all of the time if you are playing Halo on the X box network. Continue reading