Waking Up Feeling More Refreshed

Waking up in the morning is no doubt the most difficult task that most of us face every single day. I can’t even begin to count the number of tools, alarms or tricks that I’ve attempted to use to help me wake up. Everything from using Android apps that force me to do mathematical problems in order to turn off the alarm (I became better at math, not at waking up) to putting the phone across the room (I became better at sleep walking, apparently). Finally I found the best wake up light; a novel idea that I’m surprised I hadn’t tried to use before.

A wake up light is a simple concept and one that I’d think would help more people like me who have trouble waking up in the morning. It’s set on an alarm but instead of making loud noises, a light gradually becomes brighter. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I actually have felt that I’m waking up feeling more refreshed, more easily and a lot more happy! There’s nothing worse than being woken up with some jarring sound. Continue reading

Storm Damage to Trees Can Be Dangerous


I live 1500 miles from my mom, and usually she comes out to see me a couple of times a year because it is just easier on all of us since my wife and I have six children. I hadn’t been to her house in nearly 18 months, and I knew that it was time I went there just to make sure everything was okay. I knew as soon as I walked up her walkway to the house that I was going to have to find a reputable tree service in Asheville NC to come out and look at one of the trees close to her house.

It has always been big, but it was also damaged. It was one of the first things I noticed, and my mom told me that it happened during a major storm a few weeks before I arrived. I was just happy that the tree did not fall on her roof, but I knew it was still a possibility because it had cracked and several of the large branches were barely hanging on. Continue reading

I Reached a Point of Needing to Make a Change

I was always one of those people who did not good care of themselves. I have also found myself feeling envious on many occasions of people who live to exercise. So, when I realized that I could no longer live that way and needed to do something, I started to try to figure out the reason I let myself go and what a good solution would be. Friends of mine have things like treadmills and other exercise equipment in their home, and my home was devoid of anything that could help to make me more fit and feeling better.

I was never overweight as a child, teen or even when I was in my twenties. Continue reading