The Task of Finding a New Apartment

Finding a local apartment in IL has been nothing short of an unpleasant experience. It might be due to the fact that I am new to the state and, more importantly, the area of Buffalo Grove in general. Typically to find an apartment in my hometown or in areas I’m familiar with, I would merely take a stroll through areas that I’m familiar with rather than depend on apartment guides or Craigslist to help me locate apartments in Buffalo Grove IL. Being unfamiliar with the neighborhoods meant that I would have to research local statistics on apartment costs, crime and general public opinion. It’s a lot of work to find a place when you’re completely unfamiliar with it.

I try to stray away from complexes or apartment based communities behind gates. I always shake my head when I see those gated communities that seem to be used more as a reason to charge their tenants higher rent than to keep anyone from getting inside. I can’t imagine many criminals eyeballing an apartment to rob, there’s just to many neighbors for them to have to worry about. Continue reading