Web Apps for Business Purposes

These days there sure are a lot of companies out there that have apps for their company, and they are starting to take the place of websites. Of course, there is not really much of a purpose to having an app for your company unless there is some special utility to it. I am checking to find great mobile apps developer in singapore because I think it would be in my interests, or in the interests of my company rather, to have an app developed for our business. And I do have a kind of novel and useful idea for what the app can do, which will make it worth downloading. Continue reading

Wondering What I Should Specialize in

I have just gotten started on my computer science studies, but I am already thinking about what I am going to do after I get my degree. It is not like putting the horse before the cart really, because there are thousands of things that you can focus on in the field of computers. One of the things I am thinking about is Internet marketing, but I do not really think it is for me. For example if you search for Ewen Chia reviews then you will see what sort of marketing these guys need to do for their selves. Continue reading

Spreading the Gift of Wealth Around

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to take every thing at face value. Whenever I learn about something, I have to look it up to see it’s actually what people say it is, and then I’ll make my judgement based on that. This goes for products and services. Every time I see one of those infomercials about products, I look up reviews for them and decide if they’re worth my time and money. I even did this for a marketing plan. The Ewen Chia reviews I researched seemed to show the person a lot of praise for his marketing skills.

The only way to fully break out of a skeptic attitude is to try something directly, which is what I did with the marketing plan that I researched. The plan involves using affiliate marketing techniques to generate money, which is something that I didn’t have any experience with at all. Continue reading

Simplifying the Web Experience Platforms

I’ve been reading these ewen chia reviews lately that seem to be all over the web and I can only think that there are not enough honest Internet marketing gurus like him around. While I personally enjoy giving out advice about what I’ve learned during my time of starting small Internet based companies, it might be a good idea to some day create my own book and program like he has done. Heck, if you think about it, that’s a niche based business concept that a lot of people could be exploiting to make money off of. It’s one big cycle.

Knowledge, more than anything, is the most valuable commodity. It always has been. Providing good, solid advice to those who have no idea what they’re doing with the promise of possibly becoming rich by taking that advice is a proven method to make money. This is why I offer my advice freely; I don’t want anyone coming back to me claiming that I sold them bunk knowledge when it might in fact be bunk for whatever they’re trying to apply it to. Continue reading