A Little Extra Security for My Home


I truly believe that a man’s home is his castle. The one place that a man and his family should feel comfortable is the home. I take great pride in the home that I share with my wife Celina. I sparred no expense. Recently, I received a shock to my system. While away on vacation, a home on my street was burglarized. It belonged to one of my neighbors. His home was ram-sacked. A lot of valuable electronics and expensive trinkets were stolen. They also stole his food. I needed ADT in Chicago. I needed to assure my wife that I can protect her and keep her safe.

My neighbor is a nice guy, but he made some careless mistakes that turned him to a victim. First, he constantly bragged about going on vacation on all of his social media websites. He also posted pictures of all his locations. The thieves probably have been watching him and waiting for the right time to strike. They knew he would be away and could not protect his home. One of the thieves could have been also someone that he knew and had great knowledge of his home and daily routine.

Another way that my neighbor was a target was by his trash. Before he left, he had an empty tv box near his trash. I was brand new from the Christmas holiday. The thieves probably saw the box and assumed he had a brand new television in his house. He gave the thieves incentive to rob his home. I was told at an early age to hide your trash to keep people from being in your personal business.

I had ADT installed a security system in my home. It has alarms for fire, police, and emergency situations. I feel more comfortable knowing that my home and wife are safe.