Always Be Willing to Walk Away is the place to go if you are anywhere in texas and want to know your options. Texas is notorious for overcharging it’s people for energy. So if you think you might be getting overcharged then you should just go on over to this site to see what the other competitors are offering for the same amount of wattage. You can check your wattage by going out at the start of the montha nd recording the number and comparing that to what it is in the end. Then check your bill compared to what the others claim they would charge for this amount of energy. Most of the time you will find that you have been overpaying for your energy, and if that is the case you should not just rush into cancelling your business from your current energy dealer. You should try to inspire some competition between them. They will want to keep you as a customer as much as someone else will want to pull you away, so you can bring them head to head and just go back and forth with them offering you lower and lower prices. Neither of them benefit from this, only you do and it is the consumers best tool. Being able and willing to just walk away at any moment if the price does not suit your needs is one of the strongest powers you could ever have and or want. If you are not willing to do that then you should not even try to get a better price. You absolutely have to be willing to walk away and until you are willing there is no use even trying to play the game because you will ultimately lose in the end if you can’t just walk away from a bad deal like the rest of us.