Best Techniques for Approaching Drug Rehab

Once, several years ago, I had a short stay at a rehab facility in an attempt to battle the alcoholism behavior that I was exhibiting at that point in time. It was kind of an interesting situation, although not exactly fun, by any means. I found myself thinking about the subject earlier today, and I was wonder what the best techniques are for successful drug rehab. It seems to be an important topic in this day and age, but I think that drug rehab carries too much of a stigma in this country; when in fact, it is a necessary facet of enacting social change, in my opinion.

I would like to find some online drug rehab locations, and also, find out more information about resources available for people attempt to quit abusing substances. I think I am doing to do a bit of research on the topic in the near future, and just see what I can figure out for myself.