Best Treatments for Sleep Apnea

I have suffered from sleep apnea for a lot longer than I have realized. I am not sure exactly how long the condition has existed, but I am guessing it has been with me for a long time. I have snored very loud ever since I was a young child, and I don’t know if I had sleep apnea as a child, but I think I was predisposed to it even then. You should check it out, this video that I found about sleep apnea and some of the treatment methods that are out there. I have always known that surgery is a potential treatment method for sleep apnea, but I never wanted to do something like that.

In general, the idea of surgery really creeps me out, and I have this thing about surgery on the neck, where even thinking about it kind of gives me the chills. I am getting the chills right now even as I am typing this, and I am trying not to think about such surgeries. Anyway, there are some other options that are a lot more appealing to me. I need to treat my own sleep apnea better, because I know it can cause a lot of different health problems if it is not treated.

It can even cause things as severe as an abnormal heart rhythms. That is probably one of the scariest potential side effects that I have seen. When I first read it, it scared me into going to the doctor to see if I could get diagnosed for real about my sleep apnea. I had suspected that I had it, and basically knew I did. My wife had told me before that sometimes I kind of stop breathing for a bit while I am sleeping. It is scary thing to live with.