Finding an Apartment with My Dog

When I first started looking for a place to live, one of my primary concerns was having enough space for my dog. It’s really challenging trying to find an apartment that will allow pets. I understand what their concern is, and why they don’t want you to damage her apartment with possible pet messes. In searching for Tallahassee apartments, I finally found a place that was pet friendly. I actually found out about it from a coworker who had recently moved to the same apartment complex. She told me about the challenges that she had in finding a pet friendly location, and she was very thankful to have found an apartment that would allow her to bring her Along.

I immediately asked her for all of the details so that I could take a look at the apartment online. I went on their website, and I was able to immediately find information about their pet policy. They require a pet fee, which is not uncommon when you bring a pet into an apartment. This allows management to properly clean the unit after you move out, and also covers the apartment in case there’s any damage related to your pet. I’ve had to pay similar fees before, so I did not consider this to be unreasonable.

Now that I finally found a location that accepts pets, I’m hoping that all of the other pieces will fall into place rather quickly. I want to take a tour of the property in person so that I can make sure that all of my other wants and needs are met. Based on what I’ve seen online, I’m very certain that this will be a good fit for me, but I feel like seeing a property in person is the best way to gauge whether it is the right fit. I plan on doing the sometime next week, as that’s what my work schedule will allow.