Generate G2

Generate G2 is a next-generation real-time business intelligence service that is personalized for the user.

Generate G2 combines real-time news and event monitoring, comprehensive intelligence on millions of companies and executives, and relationship capital management to accelerate your business.

Generate G2 dynamically pulls from thousands of data sources to ensure you don’t miss critical opportunities, while constantly monitoring your ecosystem for threats.

Service Overview

Generate G2 is available as a hosted, ASP-based subscription service to professionals in financial services, technology, professional services, recruiting, insurance, law, and many other industries.

The service is designed to be an “off-the-shelf”, plug-and-play solution that has you up and running in minutes.

It is also available as an integration service that seamlessly combines with your CRM systems and company data sources.

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Discover Before They Do

In every industry there are mission critical change events that signal immediate response. Missing these signals means lost revenue, failed competitive response, and a misunderstanding of market dynamics.

Generate G2™ scours thousands of content sources and listens for these signals for you. G2 collects, harvests, and delivers discrete market and business events that are predictive indicators, or “triggers”, for your business.

Generate G2’s comprehensive discovery service filters key trigger events to your executives, companies, industries and regions. It presents these events in real-time and maps the companies and people associated to the event to our deep intelligence database. G2 then not only tells you what’s happened but shows you how you relate.

Generate delivers on its customers concerns:

“I need high-probability leads for my sales force every day…”

“I have to monitor every movement of my target executives and companies…”

“I have to catch prospects early in their buying cycle…”

“I need to know how to get in the door with the warmest relationship at the highest level…”

“How close are my competitors to this deal I’m trying to close?”

Each day, Generate mines leading business publications to extract over 1,000 events, including:

  • Building permits
  • Joint ventures
  • Legal settlements
  • SEC related events
  • Management changes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New product announcements
  • Office relocations
  • and more…

Generate realizes that each business is unique. We work closely with our customers to define and build triggers that meet our customers particular business needs.

Quickly Qualify Your Business Opportunities

You don’t have time to go to five sites looking for information to compile a background on a company or executive. Generate G2™ does that work for you, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Generate dynamically integrates critical, comprehensive business and connection data — wherever you are in the application — to quickly analyze and qualify your opportunities.

Our databases are updated and appended every day from thousands of sources ensuring you have the most up-to-date information about your targets. To get more intelligence on a person or company you simply drill further into the detailed profiles.

Generate G2 provides granular company profiles including tear-sheets, overviews, target markets, financials, service providers, executive bios, and dynamically builds connection data.

All the tools you need are in one place, and are immediately in-context.

Generate saves time by providing all of your intelligence needs in a single application. With Generate G2 you don’t have to copy names out of news story, log in to a separate application and perform a search. All of our content is linked to a single version of the truth. It’s always just a click away.

Connect Via the Largest Open Network Available — To Millions of Companies and People

Generate G2™ connects you to the essential influencers and decision makers via your warmest path to executives and to companies. G2 answers the question: How am I connected to this opportunity, company or executive?

Generate G2 reveals all your possible paths so you can navigate to the strongest connection. You are not limited in your search by permissioning, like other closed sites.

Generate G2 matches your own “Network Profile” to our Executive and Company Intelligence database, and then visually represents your connections, via degrees of separation, to target executives and companies. You immediately see the relationship paths that are most meaningful to you and how to connect.

Your network profile is secret to you — no one else can access it unless you want them to.

See how you map to key executives and companies.

Generate G2’s executive database contains millions of executive profiles. Our unique relevance formula is based on over twenty key characteristics and returns the results that are most useful to you. You have the ability to rate your strength of relationship with any executive and drive the resulting relationship paths.

Generate G2™. Discover a world of opportunity.