Getting My Favorite Songs from Youtube

There’s a lot of music that can be found on youtube and nowhere else. I found some really old songs that I hadn’t heard in years on youtube. It’s great that you can watch anything on youtube anytime you want, as long you have access to the Internet. I wanted to have the songs on my computer, so I would watch them even without the Internet. For that, I needed a youtube converter.

As great as youtube is, there aren’t download links readily available for the videos. I’m not really sure why this is the case, but it does make downloading anything from youtube a little harder than it should be. Since the download links aren’t available, I had to find a program that would allow me to download the songs I wanted from youtube. I did some searching on various websites and forums for recommendations of good software that could be used to download the songs. I wanted to find something that would install easily, and that would not leave a big footprint on my system. The thing I hate the most about software is when the software is bloated, takes up a lot of space on my computer, uses a lot of memory, and slows down the computer.

I read a lot of reviews and recommendations, and finally, I came to a consensus on what software to use. It was a program that seemed to have the most praise and recognition for youtube downloads. I downloaded and installed it, and in only a short time, I was able to start downloading the songs from youtube. I have them stored on my computer right now, and I even transferred them to my phone so I can play them on the go without having to use my phone’s network.