Getting Packed Up for Vegas

Getting packed up for Las Vegas this morning. I am going to get in the car and drive up there from San Diego after I get done with my appointment this afternoon. I have tickets to something which is billed as the best IM Conference, meaning Internet marketing. I have very little to do with that in reality, but in theory I am going to be in charge of it. We have been farming it out, but the people we had doing it were not really performing to our satisfaction and in fact this is pretty much the big part of things for us. We are not going to be able to effectively market our products on TV because of the costs associated with it and the difficulty of reaching the right people over the air waves. It is not a practical option and of course you can not really be sure of the effect you would get if you did spend money on it. The real way that ads work is over time, you sustain them and you build up the idea in the conscience of the public.

At any rate I am going to hit Caesar’s Palace and try to find the people who can do what we need to have done at a reasonable price. I am guessing that there were will be a lot of different options and you can be sure that there will be lots of people who want to do the work. This place is probably going to be full of the people who claim that they can do everything that I ever dreamed. The question is which one is the best choice to actually do the job at a good price. The objective is obviously to make the decision that leads to more money for us, not some random guy.