Going to School Again at Night

Most of the work I do for these courses is done at my desk while I am on the clock, but a couple of nights per week I am attending one of the business schools in Singapore. I need to get a bit more grounding in Finance and accounting for my job, in fact the first thing that I noticed when I got to this place was that just about every person who has a top level job here is also a CPA or certified public accountant. They hired me because I was qualified to do the job that was open, but it was pretty easy to see that the way forward was going to close up pretty quickly unless I had some greater qualifications. I could not go a lot further up the corporate ladder unless I put in the work to get some notice from the people who make the decisions.

It is just one of those things that you need to think about if you are serious about going to the top of the pyramid. There is a way forward in every course, but it often requires you to put in extra work. In fact the job I am doing right now is not all that taxing and I am looking for ways to prove that I can do more. The classes I am taking are not even all that difficult for me to manage, especially since a lot of what I am learning in class is stuff that I had already learned on the job. It would have been possible for my boss to probably have just said that I already knew some of this stuff I guess, because he would have looked at it and seen that it was exactly the same stuff I do routinely.