Had to Help My Sister Move Again

I had a pretty eventful Saturday to be honest, although at first I was not all that thrilled with the fact that my sister had talked me into helping her move again. She just got a new apartment at the Meadowlark apartments in Rio Rancho, which is a pretty nice place and she could not have afforded it without having at least one roommate. In fact she had two of them. One of them I knew and she is definitely not interested in me at all. I do not have money of the sort that would interest this girl, she is that sort of person and if you do not have what she wants then she has no time for you. The other girl was a completely different story and she wanted a favor from me too, once she saw that I had a pick up truck and a landscape trailer I borrowed from a friend of mine.

We went to her Mom’s place and I found out that her Mother was still in prime condition. I was pretty sure she was flirting with me and this seemed to make the daughter want to flirt with me too. Of course this did nothing to lower my self esteem and at the end of the night I had this girl’s phone number and her mother was trying to hire me to do some work around her house. I moved the furniture that she wanted moved and then we drank a couple of beers. I am going to go back to see her again soon, but she has banned me from doing the yard work for her mother. I was not sure how to take that, but it seemed pretty obvious that there was a fair reason to want to do the yard work.