He Fixed Our Clogged Toilets

When two toilets in my office building were clogged, I thought it would be a simple fix. I had one of the warehouse guys get a plunger, but that proved to be useless. I knew the problem was much more serious then since using a plunger works 99 percent of the time, if not more, for simple toilet clogs. My worker offered to look at it, but I knew that it was best to leave it for a professional. I looked online for a plumber for nj companies. I had never had the need to hire one before, so I was not sure which one to get.

I looked at the website of a few of them, and I decided to use the one that had the nicest website. I figured if they took that much time with their website, then they had to care about their customers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t try to impress with a mere website. I was right on that. When the plumber came to my company, he was courteous and professional. He was also very quick. I wasn’t sure how long we would have to wait for someone to come, but he was there the same day.

He took a look at the toilets, and he determined that there was a blockage in the drain. He used a camera to locate the blockage, and then he was able to use chemicals to break it up. The entire process took less than two hours, and I was just grateful that he did not have to dig into the drains as I knew that would be very expensive. He had them both working in no time, and I know I will use his company again if I need a plumber, whether it is for my home or business.