How We Used a Toronto Limo Rental During Our Workday

Toronto Airport Limousine Service Coupons - Toronto Airport Limousine ...I have an employee who thinks quick on her feet, but has left me wondering where she was going with a thought on more than one occasion. When our SUV broke down that we use for moving equipment from location to location to take sensor readings for the geological surveying company that I operate, she told me we should rent a limo. Confused? So was I. She told me to call a toronto limo rental company and rent a limo to help us get the critical readings we needed by the end of the day.

She explained how she thought it out before I made the call. She walked me through how we were pretty far from a car rental company, and there was no guarantee they would have a big van or SUV to rent anyway. A cab was out of the question because the trunk was probably too small for the gear. We were broke down, and waiting for a tow truck.