I Reached a Point of Needing to Make a Change

I was always one of those people who did not good care of themselves. I have also found myself feeling envious on many occasions of people who live to exercise. So, when I realized that I could no longer live that way and needed to do something, I started to try to figure out the reason I let myself go and what a good solution would be. Friends of mine have things like treadmills and other exercise equipment in their home, and my home was devoid of anything that could help to make me more fit and feeling better.

I was never overweight as a child, teen or even when I was in my twenties. Just like most people in those age groups, I could eat anything I wanted without any fear at all of it putting extra weight on me. And as such, I did eat whatever I wanted, both the good and that bad. Unfortunately, my favorite foods lean heavily to the very bad side. Any time that I could get away with only eating a large bowl or two of ice cream for lunch or dinner, then I absolutely did so and I felt no remorse about it. This happened more times than not.

When I reached my thirties, I noticed the weight creeping on, but not enough so that I felt any alarm. I continued living the way I always did. By the time I reached my mid-forties, I knew I had a problem. I became obese. I felt old and I often felt like I was in pain. My back hurt, along with my legs, arms and anything else you can think of. My solution was to start working out slowly and eat better, but not in a drastic way. I still wanted to enjoy life the way that I wanted to. It worked for me.