I Wanted to Be in Music Production Since I Was Young

I remember the first time I was in a music studio. I was invited by a relative who was a sound engineer. The sound board easily had over a thousand knobs and buttons. Many of them could be controlled by computer algorithms that were part of complex sound engineering software that did not make any sense to me. I did not understand things such as frequency response or the intricacies of sound differences of Mp3s, vinyl records and CDs. It took time at a music production school for me to learn what I needed to know to become a sound engineer for recording artists.

Now I record voice and music. I have worked on producing the voices for animated shows and movies and to get singers songs down on tracks for them to sell their recordings. It is a highly technological work that is very precise as well as artistic in nature. You need to know your technology you have available for you to use, but there is also the artistry of sound that you bring out in the sounds that you are recording. Sometimes I am the producer, and I get to make all the decisions of how something sounds. Well, most of them anyway. Sometimes I work for a client who knows what sound they want, but they do not have the expertise to make it happen. That is why they hire me and my sound studio to do the work.

It was not easy becoming the owner of my own sound engineering studio. I actually bought this one from an engineer who was moving out of the country. I took out several loans from banks and relatives to buy it. My education in music production helped me be debt free and own my own business in less than five years.