I’m Having Renovations Done on My House

Bathroom Remodels on a Budget | Shower RemodelWhen I made the last mortgage payment on my house, I was thrilled for a couple of reasons. First, the financial freedom of not having to pay such a large bill every month was exciting. Also, I had put off renovations on any part of the house until it was completely paid off. The first thing I wanted to do since I now had extra money was find a company that does great interior remodeling in bergen county nj. I knew that I wanted to have a few rooms updated, but it was the main bathroom that was first on my list.

The bathroom was not in the best of shape when I bought the house nearly 20 years ago. I have done a bit of work here and there on my own to make it nice, but I wanted to have it completely gutted out and redone from the floor up. I wanted to have a heated floor put in, then I wanted a separate shower and tub area. I also wanted a double vanity with plenty of counter space. I definitely had the room to have all of this done, so I just had to find the right company.

I was very happy when I came across a company that had a lot of pictures on their website of different jobs they have done. When I saw the bathroom pictures, I knew that they were the team I wanted working not only on my bathroom but the other rooms too. I even got a couple of new ideas after looking at their pictures and talking with them before they started the job. It did not take long for them to give me the bathroom I wanted, and my next project is to get the kitchen of my dreams done soon.