Looking at Some Vacation Property

I am up in Wyoming right now. This guy I know talked me in to coming up here to look at some Cody Wyoming real estate. I have to admit that it is really pretty up here, but the problem is that there do not seem to be a lot of people up there. Of course there is a lot of fishing and you have big game hunting, you can definite go rock climbing and hiking and stuff like that, but it is a long way from any other place up here. People in this part of the world must need one heck of a lot of gas for their pick up trucks, because you can drive for hours and hours without ever seeing any populated place. Of course the thing I noticed was that there was not any cell phone coverage for much of the trip and I kept wondering if the phone was working. I could not help wondering what you do if you got broke down in the winter time.

Of course it was summer when we were up there, but it was not too hot. It is like that back in the area of North Carolina where I used to live. It can be blazing hot in the Piedmont, then a few miles away up in the foothills it can be nice and cool. The water coming out of the mountains is usually freezing cold even when it is blazing hot as well. Up here it got pretty cool just as soon as the sun went down. I was thinking that once it got to be late Fall you would probably start getting some snow up there and come winter you are probably going to need to be prepared for the sort of snow that seals you in till Spring.