Making a System for Bug Tracking

Lisp (programming Language) Pictures and Images | PicsWebI work at a company that creates networks for other businesses and creates software for the management of networks. The job pays well, but it can be stressful and difficult at times. Sometimes the work is fairly easy, depending on what client hires us. Other times, the work can be tedious and difficult. Our work is really difficult when we are creating a network or software and we can’t figure out what’s wrong. Around the office, we’ve discussing ways in which we can develop a bug tracking system. In theory, the system should make it easier for us to find anything that may be causing the network or software to behave improperly.

The bug tracking system have certain checks in place that will behave as a live diagnostic. Anytime a user uses the network or software, all of their activities and data will be recorded. When an error arises, we can then look at the recorded data and see what’s going on. Maybe there is a line of code that is conflicting with some other part of the program, or maybe the network is dropping packets. Since we’ll know exactly when the problem occurs, it will be easier to fix it in an instant, rather than having to backtrack through every line of code we’ve written. We’ve even made it so that we can view the tracking data from any system that can run a terminal, including smart phones.

The introduction of our bug tracking system will allow us to be more efficient and we’ll be able to handle more clients at once. An increased number of clients will give us more revenue, which will allow us to hire more workers, which again will allow us to handle more clients. The company will have an exponential growth experience in the next two years.