My Hat is off to Those Who Do Wedding Photography

I have become quite good at landscape and portrait photography. I started with an entry-level 35 mm DSLR and a couple of kit lenses. It was not long before people were asking me to take pictures at birthday parties and for graduations. I had a couple ask me to take some pictures of them when they got engaged. The next step was someone asking me to take pictures at their wedding. There was no way I was doing that. I think that wedding photography is an art that should best be left to those who do it the best. I promptly let them know that I was no wedding photographer.

I read the trade magazines for photographers. There is one about wedding photography and portrait photography. I like the sections about portraits, but do not like the ones about taking pictures at weddings. I see the sample images in the articles and they are really good. I have zero interest in it and know I would not be good at it. For anything that I do, I do it best when my interest level is high. That is why landscapes are at the top of my list for photographic subjects and weddings are at the bottom. It does make me appreciate wedding photographers all that much more.

I do not know how they do it. They have to take pictures at the church and get everything perfect. Then the family expects the photographer to hang out and take pictures at the reception. That is a lot of hours spent in an environment that has so many variables that can go wrong. I think that the weather is kinder to me with landscapes than what wedding photographers have to put up with. It is time, poor lighting in churches and reception halls and places that do not want you to set up pro lighting to better capture the images. Yes, I feel for them, and they do such a great job it is amazing.