My Jaw is Now Oval Shaped

I am not a vain person at all, but there was one thing about my appearance that I used to really hate. My jaw was square looking, and I just always felt that it took away from my appearance. Now like I said, I am not a vain person, but I believe that my appearance has held me back from some things, mainly career related. I know it is not lawful to use looks as a promotion deterrent, but it does not mean it does not happen. When I heard about a Singapore aesthetic clinic that actually helps people like me, I wanted to find out as much information as I could about this particular feature.

I was happy to see that this is a reputable company that does indeed help women just like me. They have a procedure that will slim the jawline and also fill in the chin area, which essentially takes that area of the face from being a squared shape to a more rounded shape. I looked at some pictures of women who have had this procedure done, and I was really happy with everything that I saw. I knew that I wanted to call and make an appointment, because I honestly felt that this procedure could get me the happiness that had always seemed to elude me.

When I had my initial consultation, the entire process was explained to me. I knew that there were going to be fillers that would give me the oval looking jaw that I had always secretly envied in my friends. The procedure was a complete success, and it was quick and painless as well. This gave me something more than a nicer and more feminine jaw though. It also gave me my confidence back, and I no longer work at the company that refused to promote me because of my looks.