Quicken 2013: a Version for Everyone

Intuit Quicken is a popular software product used to manage one’s finances. It allows users one place to track their spending, income, savings, and even their taxes. Versions of Quicken have been released for almost 20 years, but Intuit has never stopped working to improve and upgrade their products, and to keep them relevant in a rapidly changing world. The newest edition, quicken 2013, looks to live up to those expectations.

The newest feature in Quicken 2013 is their support for mobile products; this is achieved by the free Quicken apps, making it even easier for you to manage your money on the go. This allows you to track small purchases like coffee and lunch without scrambling for a receipt to scribble it down on or later wondering where your money went. These apps also issue alerts, also available by text or email, which make it even easier to keep an eye on your money without needing to constantly watch it. In a world where the economy is more mobile than ever, this is a crucial feature.

Not everyone has the same financial needs, and so Intuit offers several different versions of Quicken 2013. The Starter Edition is good for those just beginning with Quicken or for those with very simple finances, such as college students learning how to make and follow budgets. Deluxe allows you to see investment and retirement accounts, while Premier bumps it up a notch, giving you clear access to your investment accounts and to current financial information related to those accounts. Finally, for those who are in business, Home & Business will allow you to handle both business and personal finances. This edition goes so far as to help you find deductions to save you money when tax time rolls around. But all of the versions give you access to Quicken’s great features, like online bill pay, the new apps, and Quicken security.

For those looking to easily and security manage their finances, the new suite of Quicken 2013 is a great option to consider.