Satellite TV is the Better Choice

I had been living in California for nearly two months before I decided to get some type of TV programming. I thought that I would be able to just stream my favorite shows and save money, but it was more of a hassle than it was worth. I was also missing out on my favorite news channels, so I decided to get cable TV. A friend sent me a link via email that simply said to check this site for more info on Bright House Cable in California. That is the local cable company, so I went there to see what kinds of deals I would be able to get.

What I found was actually a better deal than I could have imagined. I really liked that I would be able to get a good deal with Direct TV once I read about their programming packages and their equipment too. The programming is top notch, and I was able to secure a great deal for the first two years that includes free movie channels for a while along with an entire season of the Sunday Ticket. Once the two years are up, my price isn’t going to go up much, which was another nice surprise.

The equipment is really cool too. I have three TVs, even though I live alone. I have a large screen TV in the living room, a small kitchen set, and then a 40 inch TV in my bedroom. I thought that it would cost a lot to have all three hooked up, but it is pretty cheap. All three are connected to one another, so I can watch things I have recorded on any TV in the house. How cool is that? I am really glad my friend sent me that link, because I would have made a huge mistake if I had went with the cable plan I was looking at.