Setting Up a Nice Looking Retail Location with Top Notch Store Furniture and Display Racks

Store furniture can make or break your retail location. This is especially true if you are on a tight budget for opening your retail location. We actually were a co-op of artists selling pieces in a local mall. We had a lot of square feet in our store with a huge display window on each side of the entrance. We needed display furniture for the different pieces such as clothing racks, shelving, display cases and banners |

When you think of art on display you probably think of paintings. Well, that was only part of our inventory. We had an artist who operated a loom and made clothing and other fabric items. We had a silversmith who made jewelry too. We did have painters of watercolors, oils and acrylics, and we had a team of sculptors. All of the art pieces needed to be displayed in a different fashion. Paintings and drawings hung on the wall, pottery was on shelves, jewelry went into display cases and clothing was both wall displayed on hangers and on racks. Oh, we had a photographer too. We had a wall display area for his pieces.

All of the pieces had premium prices on them since they were original art pieces done by established artists. We had to keep a retail store look with the store furniture and display equipment, but we also had to give the sense to the public that this was not department store merchandise. Some pieces were over a thousand dollars. You want the public to realize the cost of what they might be handling so they are careful. There is no law of you break it you bought it. That is a myth even if you put up a sign. In reality a customer can break something and not be responsible for it at all. We needed sturdy racks, shelves and display cases to protect these valuable pieces of retail art merchandise.