Shopping for Half a Dozen Laptops

I sat down with the boss today and she wants me to replace some of the company laptops. I am going to be looking for a really good set of specs on about a half dozen laptops under 500 dollars. Of course it is fairly easy to find laptops in that price range, but I need to do a good job. I would have to say that my boss can be difficult. In fact it is a bit strange to work for her. She is about 30 years old and really sharp. She is quite attractive as well and it is not as though she has never noticed this. She likes to toy with me on occasion, rather like a cat playing with a mouse it seems. Of course it is not like you can know what to do with this sort of situation. If she were a man and I was a woman it would be sexual harassment, but I do not mind if she wants to do that to me.