Shopping for My Mom’s New Home

RainCamp LIVE in Los Angeles, CA May 15, 2010My mom was looking for a new home and she wanted me to help her. My dad had passed away a few months ago and my mom did not like living in the house that they lived in. She said it just made her too sad and it was too big for just her anyway.

My mom went ahead and put her house up for sale. If it happened to sale before she found a house she wanted to buy, she would live with us. We went online and searched for pasadena homes for sale. We found quite a few houses that she wanted to look at. In the meantime, she was getting a lot of interest on her house. It was a little bittersweet for me, but I knew it was best for her.

We started looking at the houses my mom was interested in. There were quite a few nice houses and the decision was not going to be easy. She wanted to live close to us and I was happy about that since I wanted her close, too.