Simplifying the Web Experience Platforms

I’ve been reading these ewen chia reviews lately that seem to be all over the web and I can only think that there are not enough honest Internet marketing gurus like him around. While I personally enjoy giving out advice about what I’ve learned during my time of starting small Internet based companies, it might be a good idea to some day create my own book and program like he has done. Heck, if you think about it, that’s a niche based business concept that a lot of people could be exploiting to make money off of. It’s one big cycle.

Knowledge, more than anything, is the most valuable commodity. It always has been. Providing good, solid advice to those who have no idea what they’re doing with the promise of possibly becoming rich by taking that advice is a proven method to make money. This is why I offer my advice freely; I don’t want anyone coming back to me claiming that I sold them bunk knowledge when it might in fact be bunk for whatever they’re trying to apply it to. When it comes to an online business the most important step to begin with is knowing what niche your business is going to belong to.

The Internet is full of sprawling communities, market places and industries that are just waiting for someone like you to create an easy to use, intuitive web platform that will help enhance their community experience. Reddit spawned out of the likes of the ‘top 10 websites to visit’ type pages that were popular for a time. Stumbleupon is a unique service that allows users to ‘stumble’ from web page to web page and it wasn’t long after that Reddit came into being as a service that offered a place to aggregate web content, simplifying the Stumbleupon experience.