Sports Injury Requires Dental Implant for Our Son

Our teenage son was in his first year of college when he had a sports injury. You hear about torn ligaments and other things, but with safety gear worn you don’t think about a serious jaw injury. He got his jaw broken and it needed surgical repair. He lost one tooth right in the middle of his upper jaw. The surgery repaired his face so you can only see a very fine scar. After several months we went to to see about getting him a tooth implant for the one that was missing.

The plastic surgeon told us we would have to wait for the bones to heal completely before a dental implant could be considered. Imaging showed that the jaw was completely healed and bone had filled in all of the gaps. The orthodontist said that there was a solid base to mount the dental implant screw into his jaw. The replacement tooth goes on top of the stud of the screw that stays above the gum line. It sound painful, but it really isn’t.

Our son told us that he did not have any discomfort during any of the implant procedure. He said the only thing you actually feel when they are working is the shot they give you to numb your jaw. After that, it is a breeze. You just get bored sitting there with your mouth wide open. The implant took and the gum healed perfectly around the dental implant screw. The replacement tooth matched his natural teeth perfectly. There was no subtle shade difference at all. Dentistry is part science and part artistry, and the office at does an incredible job. We now use them for all of our dental care needs for our family. The next thing on our agenda is braces for our younger daughter.