Started to Check out Back Up Options

I am not sure what is the correct phrase for it, but I have started to think about how to get the best option to back up my computers at the office. It seems from my research that I probably need to be looking at the Cloud storage reviews and figuring out if that is the proper category of system for me to be using. Of course I know a little about this sort o software and I have this friend who uses it in his Gaming life. He has a bunch of games which he uses on the cloud, somehow or another this is supposed to eliminate the lag that you often see. It it the theory at least. Of course you see this all of the time if you are playing Halo on the X box network. You realize suddenly that you died three seconds ago because you were lagging behind the guy who killed you. He was able to see you and you had no idea that he was there, because you were too far out of the loop.

If the theory was right the cloud would allow every person to be on the same page and the same time frame which is what really matters. Of course it is mostly just a theory and not something which has been proven so far. You have to think about it like that and not sweat the details too much. Of course I have local storage, but I am sort of worried about the fact that I would be relying upon it to much. We had these people try to break in to the place the other weekend. Obviously a portable hard drive is something that would be a pretty easy thing to carry off if you were a thief.