Storm Damage to Trees Can Be Dangerous

I live 1500 miles from my mom, and usually she comes out to see me a couple of times a year because it is just easier on all of us since my wife and I have six children. I hadn’t been to her house in nearly 18 months, and I knew that it was time I went there just to make sure everything was okay. I knew as soon as I walked up her walkway to the house that I was going to have to find a reputable tree service in Asheville NC to come out and look at one of the trees close to her house.

It has always been big, but it was also damaged. It was one of the first things I noticed, and my mom told me that it happened during a major storm a few weeks before I arrived. I was just happy that the tree did not fall on her roof, but I knew it was still a possibility because it had cracked and several of the large branches were barely hanging on. I knew that we could just let nature take its course, but that could mean that the branches could fall onto her roof and cause some major damage if they fell the wrong way.

I talked with a few of her neighbors and one of them recommended Family Tree Services. They had used them in the past to completely remove a tree, and they were both quick and reasonably priced for the job. Since my mom is on a limited income, I knew that was what she needed too. They were able to come out, and it did not take them long at all to remove the damaged branches from the tree. They also trimmed the tree back a good bit, which makes it even better for her. Thankfully, that was the only thing that we had to fix around the house, and we had a nice visit otherwise!