Thinking About Starting a Restaurant

I am thinking about how hard it would be to set up a restaurant that serves healthy meals here in Singapore. Of course I have to think about what it shall cost me and how hard it will be to build it up from nothing. The first step would be to figure out the cost of the floor space and what you would pay for the food you needed. A friend of mine has told me about a web page that provides organic delivery for Singapore, but I need to have something with wholesale prices and they are in the retail business. It would be pretty good if they would give me a discount for buying in bulk to be honest. I have been past their location on West Jurong and I was hoping to talk to someone in charge, but they were not in at that point in time. I suspect that they are only going to be interested in doing a retail business.

I would need to hire about five to ten people to start out and I would need money to pay them. They obviously would not want to work for nothing or wait until I was able to pay. It is not like I really have enough money for all of the stuff that I need right now and I have to figure out where I can get it. There is not any use in trying to do it on a shoe string, that is certain to turn bad on you. The idea is to get set up to do what you want to do as well as it can be done. You do not want to look lame to start out, because if you do it is certain that the customers will spread the word on you.