We Bought a Gas Station

My husband and I had been talking for a couple of years about striking out on our own as far as work is concerned. We were both working for companies where we were just a number. While we were making great money, neither of us felt that we had job security. That is why we decided to try our hand at our own business when the opportunity came up to buy a large gas station that also is a convenience store and car wash in our town. The person selling it told us about QSR appraisal and after reading about their services, we knew that they were the company that we wanted to go with to see if this was something we could turn into a reality.

One of the main reasons why we wanted to go with them is because they are the best known firm in California and surrounding states. They have an excellent reputation for the work that they do, which ranges from appraisals to consultations and more. We knew that we would need to have this appraised before we could go full force with it, so we called QSR to see if we could meet with someone to go over everything.

They were very fast in meeting with us, and we were given a detailed analysis which really helped us with our decision. The inspector who did the appraisal kept us informed on everything, and we knew we were making the right choice once the appraisal report was turned in. That was over a year ago, and things moved pretty fast for us. We closed on the station about eight months ago, and we are both so happy that we did this move. We are so much happier with life now that we are our own bosses!