We Started with One Quinny Moodd Stroller Until We Needed Another One

EasyWalker DUO Stroller Base | Stroller ReviewsI remember looking at high-end strollers to surprise my wife with for our child that was almost here. I did not want to get a cheap department store stroller. I wanted her to have a top quality baby stroller to use when we were out with our baby. I was imagining me using it to take him to see wildlife in the parks we like to visit too. I was checking out a quinny moodd model of stroller online when my wife came up behind me.

She made a sound favorable to what she was seeing. She sat down next to me and took over the computer mouse to read the specs on the stroller. However, she said wanted the pink one. I could not envision myself going to the park pushing a pink stroller. She then told me she was kidding since we knew we were having a boy.