We Teach How to Sell Our Product Through a Meeting Room Rental Facility

When I started my business of selling a product I designed, I did not know where the best place to sell it was. I was going to put it in stores, but the marketing costs were too high for my little fledgling business. I had a friend who told me he would take a box and try selling them where he works. He came home from work that night asking for another box. We had hit on something. Now we use a meeting room rental on a weekly basis to get more people involved with selling the product to people they know. Everyone makes a little bit of money.

We will buy back anything a person does not sell. That way no one ever gets stuck with product. Every person makes money because they buy it from us wholesale and sell it at retail price. No clubs, plans or pyramids. Just good old-fashioned product sales. But instead of it being offered in retail stores, we have regular people doing the selling. The product really does sell itself. My friend and I have a little training seminar we use to teach new people wanting to buy our product wholesale and sell it retail. We use a meeting room rental place that serves us well. People show up, get trained for free and start their own little side business. Being able to use a meeting room instead of space we own looks more professional. Plus, it is much cheaper to rent than to own an office or training facility!

Now it is just repeating what we started. More people get trained to sell and we earn more money. They earn too. No one walks away with less than what they had when they started. Each person may know a lot of buyers or just a few. It does not matter. Those who only know a few people sell enough to have a weekend of fun or to buy something they want. Others are branching out and selling enough to pay their bills. It is all about opportunity.