Why I Hold out for Cyber Monday Deals Now

Oh it’s coming fast. First there is the Black Friday sales, then there is Cyber Monday! That is when I do my shopping for the electronics everyone wants. I am holding out this year to see the Cyber Monday 2017 iPad deals to not be disappointed like I was last year. I went ahead and bought some electronics on Black Friday thinking I was getting the best deal of the holiday season on popular electronics. Then Cyber Monday rolled around a couple of days later. I found stuff at a better price. I went ahead and got the deals, but then I had to go through the trouble of returning the stuff to the stores that I already bought.

I personally think that Cyber Monday deals will soon displace Black Friday deals altogether. Plus, it is so easy to just order online and not have to deal with the crowds. Have you ever went out shopping on Thanksgiving night? It can be a real hassle with the parking and waiting in long lines. If you want more than one thing, you need to bring people to stand in the different lines to get the stuff. Some lines can be so long that you could be standing there for hours only to have them run out of product. Waits of three hours in line are not uncommon for some Black Friday sales items.

I do my Cyber Monday shopping in my pajamas with a hot cup of coffee. I do not have to go outside or fight traffic or long lines. Also, have you ever seen the return lines after the holidays? It is much easier to order online. If something is not to your liking, just box it up and send it back. No long lines waiting to make a return are needed. I can see why Cyber Monday deals are getting better each year.