Wondering if I Can Do This by Myself

Semi-Frameless Shower EnclosuresAnne and I have been looking at this place we found that has shower doors in Essex county NJ. It is called Glass Plus I think and we were in there looking at what they had and trying to figure out what we wanted to do with our bathroom. We already got the thing part of the redone, but it is not quite finished. We have one of those old fiberglass bathtubs and the thing is probably going to have to be smashed up to get it out of there. I just do not see any way you take it out of there and end up with anything that is worth salvaging. At any rate when you take the old one out you got to be ready to do something else and this thing might not be that easy for me to get in. For starters you are talking about a big chunk of tempered glass. I think it was a quarter of an inch think and obviously it is the size of a door. In fact there are two of these things.

I am guessing that you need at the least two fairly strong men to handle this thing. In fact it might take three guys for all that I know I am not really quite sure what they will do if you hire a pro, but obviously that would be the least risky way to do it and it might be the cheapest way. It would obviously be a lot easier than doing it by your self or even with the help of a couple of friends. The worst case scenario would be pretty bad, that would involve you breaking the shower door and ending up in an emergency room. A piece of glass this size can do some damage too.